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So if Buckhead City is not the answer, what can be done and what is being done?

Leadership matters, and we have a new Mayor who is already taking action to address the concerns of Buckhead residents and the rest of Atlanta. We need to give him an opportunity to make good on his campaign promises and implement his plan to tackle crime, inadequate city service delivery, and other issues of concern. We also have a new City Council, including a new City Council President who has a history of working collaboratively with our Mayor. These newly elected leaders have been visiting with our community and have made it clear they’re listening to and will address our concerns. Let’s give them a chance to do so.

On public safety, there has been significant recent investment to support our law enforcement officers and reduce the strain on overburdened judicial systems, including the new public safety training center for the Atlanta Police Department, the $5 million Fulton County appropriated to the Fulton District Attorney’s Office to prosecute violent cases, and the $110 million Governor Kemp dedicated to combat violent crime and work through judicial case backlogs throughout the state. Further, the metro Atlanta business community has forged a public-private partnership with Fulton County to resolve the backlog of unentered criminal charge dispositions in the Fulton County judicial system, which will help ensure judges have complete and accurate criminal history information when making critical bail and sentencing decisions.

Atlanta is known for coming together to address its challenges, and that is exactly what we must do now to improve public safety and other issues with real, impactful solutions.