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Atlanta, Georgia, December 10, 2021 - Neighbors for a United Atlanta (Neighbors), a grassroots, pro-Atlanta organization, formed to advocate for a United Atlanta and against “Buckhead City” secession, held its first meet-and-greet kickoff on December 9, 2021, at the home of a 2nd generation native Buckhead resident.

City of Atlanta Mayor-Elect Andre Dickens, State Representative Betsy Holland, Atlanta City Council At-Large Member Matt Westmoreland, Atlanta Public Schools Chair Jason Esteves, and Atlanta Public Schools Board Member Cynthia Briscoe Brown joined the event. They expressed their ardent support for Neighbors, founded by concerned North Atlanta residents.

“We appreciate the enthusiastic support of mayor-elect Dickens in our efforts to reach out to our friends and communities. Secession proposals such as “Buckhead City'' pose incalculable costs and harm to our schools, safety, and prosperity,” said Neighbors Executive Director Mike Handelman.

From yard signs to social media and neighbor-to-neighbor conversations, Neighbors is pro-Atlanta and informs residents of the consequences, should Atlanta be divided by ill-conceived and politically motivated secession proposals.

Neighbors for a United Atlanta partners with community and civic groups, including the Committee for a United Atlanta, to ensure that Atlanta remains as “one city with one future.”

“We’re proud to join other community and business organizations in common cause for a United Atlanta,” said Handelman.

“Atlanta thrives because all members of our community work together to solve our City’s challenges and build an economically vibrant future, it is in our DNA,” said Humberto García-Sjögrim, Chair of Neighbors.

About Neighbors for a United Atlanta

Neighbors for a United Atlanta is a grassroots community organization founded in November 2021 to advocate against the secession of neighborhoods associated with the Buckhead community.

The Organization conducts outreach within these neighborhoods, listening to community concerns arising from the consequences of secession. In addition, they engage Atlanta’s duly elected officials on solutions that address the challenges faced by both Buckhead and the City of Atlanta at large.

Neighbors for a United Atlanta believes that safety, economic growth, and individual prosperity demand an Atlanta united to face current challenges.

For media inquiries, please contact Executive Director Michael Handelman at (470) 222-5797 or [email protected]