Mission Statement

Neighbors for a United Atlanta (NFUA) is a nonpartisan 501(c)4 organization that supports efforts to prevent the Buckhead neighborhood from leaving Atlanta through grassroots efforts.

Who we are

We are your neighbors.

NFUA represents the true diversity of Buckhead and all of Atlanta. We are longtime residents, newcomers, and recent immigrants. We are homeowners, and renters. We are singles, and families. We are parents, young professionals, and empty nesters.

Our children attend public schools, private schools, and parochial/faith-based/specialty schools. We are straight, we are gay, we are Black, white, Asian, and Latino. We represent different faiths and belief systems. We are teachers, students, nurses, and retirees; active-duty military, veterans, small business owners, lawyers, and police; doctors, non-profit leaders, and CPAs. We are your neighbors.


Board of Directors

Humberto Garcia-Sjogrim, Chairperson

Caren Solomon Bharwani, Vice-Chairperson

Media Requests or Inquiries

Call / Text: (470) 222-5797

Email: [email protected]